Introduce yourself.

Lets start with the basics.
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Introduce yourself.

Postby bikernate » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:58 pm

I'll start. My name is Nathan Sanel. I started this group because I want to share how I have changed the way I think and how I have applied the LOA (and other laws) to create a life of abundance. The methods and principals I used can be used by everybody. At the same time, I have lots and lots to learn and I am excited to connect with other like minded people!

To read how I went from a very unhappy employee at my family business to creating National Powersports, check out this post on my blog

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Re: Introduce yourself.

Postby Clarity is now » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:25 am

Hello. My name is Sandra. I am a business associate of Nate's from the past. I have an affinity for telling the truth, and I connected to that piece of Nate's story. I also think that life is short, and that reality is multi-faceted.
I've had multiple careers and I suspect I will have more unless I die first. Across all my jobs, I have been a teacher. I have a knack for managing big projects and seeing them through to fruition. Currently, I manage a multi - million dollar federal grant for a university.
I'm happily dating /married to the same person since 1978 and we have one child. We are vegetarians, tandem bicyclists, hikers, and swimmers. I like taking photos and cooking.
I attend a Quaker meeting, but I would not put a label on my beliefs, only that I know that truth exists beyond that which is observable or provable. Before science knew how, bats flew in and out of caves.

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Re: Introduce yourself.

Postby jessicalegere » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:44 pm

Hello.My name is Jessica Legere. I went to the first Meetup last night at Powersports with Nate as the facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed the group and am very excited to see where this goes. I have a lot of experience in studying and practicing the Law of Attraction. I also live in Pembroke and I have wanted
to join a book club for a long time. Can this get any better? I was fascinated by Nate's motorcycles which really surprised me since I don't ride nor
do I have any interest in riding, until last night ;) I'd really like to check out that magenta harley. I don't even like Harley's . Potato potato potato potato?
They are so annoying. Funny how all the bikes that caught my eye were Harleys.
Anyways, I'm always excited to meet new people with similar interests. I've been spreading my wings the past few seasons to meet new people and
involve myself in different gatherings than what I'm used to. Can't wait to learn more and share thoughts about interesting books together with new people. Thanks Nate for putting this together.

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